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How to make stairs in Fortnite?

Tom Maxwell



How to make stairs in Fortnite

As this game is a cost-free game and users can log in from their Google account or Facebook account. One can download the app from the play store and login into the game. As the game started avatar is assigned to each player regardless of your gender.

One can choose any mode he wants to play solo, duo, or in the squad. You can play with your Facebook friends or you can even play with any random player. After you are ready press the start button and the game starts. In the game, you can create structures by using the material provided in the game.

You can build the stairs and ramp which can help you attack your enemy. The ramp will make you stand at a certain height and can view who is coming towards you so you can attack them before they attack you.

The controls to make stairs are different on each platform. When you built the ramp you can place it in any direction and once placed you can change its direction also.

How to edit stairs in Fortnite?

If you are playing on a controller then you can simply build the stairs in build mode. By default, the stairs you put down will be a nine tile structure facing in the direction you have chosen. Once you have built the stairs now if you want to modify them you can also do that.

It will not affect the structure that you already have placed it will only affect the structure that you will place down. You have to tear the structure and rebuild it if you want to edit it. There are two types of stairs L shape and U shape staircase you can choose any of them to build your stairs.

All the stair types will use the same amount of resources either you are building the half stair or full stairs.

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